Battery for Compaq G6000-G6032EA, Presario V6100, Presario V6400 Battery for Compaq G6000-G6032EA, Presario V6100, Presario V6400 – ExtraBatt

Battery for Compaq G6000-G6032EA, Presario V6100, Presario V6400

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Cameron Sino Replacement Battery for Compaq G6000-G6032EA, Presario V6100, Presario V6400

# Compatible Model:

Compaq G6000-G6032EA, Presario V6100, Presario V6400, Presario V6000, HP Presario V6000, Presario V6100, Presario DV6400, Pavilion DV6000, Pavilion DV6100, Pavilion DV6200, Pavilion DV6300, Pavilion DV6500, Pavilion DV9000, Pavilion DV6700, Presario V6000AU, Presario V6000T, Presario V6000TX, Presario V6000Z, Presario V6001AU, Presario V6001XX, Presario V6002AU, Presario V6002XX, Presario V6003AU, Presario V6004AU, Presario V6012EA, Presario V6014EA, Presario V6016EA, Presario V6024EA, Presario V6025EA, Presario V6030US, Presario V6048CL, Presario V6057EA, Presario V6065EA, Presario V6066EA, Pavilion dv6100EA, Pavilion dv6101EA, Pavilion dv6101eu, Pavilion dv6101TU, Pavilion dv6101TX, Pavilion dv6102EA, Pavilion dv6102eu, Pavilion dv6102OD, Pavilion dv6102TX, Pavilion dv6103EA, Pavilion dv6103eu, Pavilion dv6103NR, Pavilion dv6103TX, Pavilion dv6104EA, Pavilion dv6104eu, Pavilion dv6104TX, Pavilion dv6105CA, Pavilion dv6105EA, Pavilion dv6105eu, Pavilion dv6105TX, Pavilion dv6105us, Pavilion dv6106EA, Pavilion dv6106eu, Pavilion dv6106TX, Pavilion dv6107EA, Pavilion dv6107eu, Pavilion dv6107TX, Pavilion dv6107us, Pavilion dv6108EA, Pavilion dv6108NR, Pavilion dv6108TX, Pavilion dv6109EA, Pavilion dv6109OM, Pavilion dv6109TX, Pavilion dv6110br, Pavilion dv6110CA, Pavilion dv6110EA, Pavilion dv6110eu, Pavilion dv6110TX, Pavilion dv6110us, Pavilion dv6111EA, Pavilion dv6111eu, Pavilion dv6111TX, Pavilion dv6112EA, Pavilion dv6112TX, Pavilion dv6113CA, Pavilion dv6113EA, Pavilion dv6113eu, Pavilion dv6113TX, Pavilion dv6113us, Pavilion dv6114EA, Pavilion dv6114TX, Pavilion dv6115CA, Pavilion dv6115EA, Pavilion dv6115eu, Pavilion dv6115TX, Pavilion dv6116EA, Pavilion dv6116eu, Pavilion dv6116TX, Pavilion dv6117eu, Pavilion dv6117TX, Pavilion dv6118EA, Pavilion dv6118eu, Pavilion dv6118TX, Pavilion dv6119EA, Pavilion dv6119eu, Pavilion dv6119TX, Pavilion dv6119us, Pavilion dv6120br, Pavilion dv6120CA, Pavilion dv6120EA, Pavilion dv6120eu, Pavilion dv6120LA, Pavilion 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Pavilion dv6198XX, Pavilion dv6199xx, Pavilion dv6133EA, Pavilion dv6133eu, Pavilion dv6133TX, Pavilion dv6134EA, Pavilion dv6134eu, Pavilion dv6134TX, Pavilion dv6135CA, Pavilion dv6135EA, Pavilion dv6135eu, Pavilion dv6135NR, Pavilion dv6135TX, Pavilion dv6136EA, Pavilion dv6136eu, Pavilion dv6136TX, Pavilion dv6137EA, Pavilion dv6137eu, Pavilion dv6137TX, Pavilion dv6138EA, Pavilion dv6138eu, Pavilion dv6138TX, Pavilion dv6139EA, Pavilion dv6139eu, Pavilion dv6139TX, Pavilion dv6139us, Pavilion dv6140CA, Pavilion dv6140EA, Pavilion dv6140eu, Pavilion dv6140TX, Pavilion dv6140us, Pavilion dv6141EA, Pavilion dv6141eu, Pavilion dv6141TX, Pavilion dv6142EA, Pavilion dv6142eu, Pavilion dv6142TX, Pavilion dv6143EA, Pavilion dv6143TX, Pavilion dv6144EA, Pavilion dv6144eu, Pavilion dv6144TX, Pavilion dv6145EA, Pavilion dv6145eu, Pavilion dv6145TX, Pavilion dv6146EA, Pavilion dv6146eu, Pavilion dv6146TX, Pavilion dv6147EA, Pavilion dv6147eu, Pavilion dv6147TX, Pavilion dv6148EA, Pavilion 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Pavilion dv9068EA, Pavilion dv9072EA, Pavilion dv9073EA, Pavilion dv9074CL, Pavilion dv9074EA, Pavilion dv9075EA, Pavilion dv9075EU, Pavilion dv9075LA, Pavilion dv9076EA, Pavilion dv9077EA, Pavilion dv9078EA, Pavilion dv9079EA, Pavilion dv9080EA, Pavilion dv9081EA, Pavilion dv9082EA, Pavilion dv9083EA, Pavilion dv9084EA, Pavilion dv9085EA, Pavilion dv9086EA, Pavilion dv9087EA, Pavilion dv9088EA, Pavilion dv9089EA, Pavilion dv9090EA, Pavilion dv9091EA, Pavilion dv9092EA, Pavilion dv9093EA, Pavilion dv9094EA, Pavilion dv9095EA, Pavilion dv9095EU, Pavilion dv9095XX, Pavilion dv9096EA, Pavilion dv9096XX, Pavilion dv9097EA, Pavilion dv9097XX, Pavilion dv9098XX, Pavilion dv9099EA, Pavilion dv9099XX, Presario F500, Presario F700, G6000, G6030, G6031ea, G6032ea, 6033ea, G7000, Medion MD41500, MD41300, MD41567

# Type: CMOS / BackUp Battery

# Capacity: 2000mAh / 7.60Wh

# Dimension: 20 x 20 x 3.8mm

# Voltage: 3.8

# All Products are Certificated with ISO9001, RoHS, and CE.

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